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Flutterby Nights

Flutterby Nights

A review

Me and my partner use candles every evening. We are normally given these as gifts and have had a bit of an ongoing stash of these which we have been using up. It had got to the point where we had run out and I was looking for something new.

I have followed Vickie and her company Flutterby nights for a while on Facebook. Vickie is a lady on a mission and a very busy lady at that. She always seems to be rushing about preparing orders as well as keeping the customers on her page informed and entertained. Customer service and the happiness of her customers seems to be at the heart of what this lady does, as well as producing some lovely products too!

I was fortunate enough to be in the position to buy a set of Christmas Themed wax melts from Vickie as she had a limited number left available (as her books are currently full until the new year). I ordered and a few days later my item arrived.


When I opened the box the item had been wrapped with great care using bio-chips and tissue paper. As a fan of recyclable and compostable packaging this was great to see (although I could not resist wetting the bio-chips and sticking them together to make a sculpture)

After unwrapping the tissue paper I was greeted with a beautifully presented burner and a extensive variety of different Christmas themed wax melts. All wrapped in little foil packets they looked like sweets (some even smelt like them too)


In anticipation later that evening we opened one of the packets up labelled cinaberry and placed it in the burner along with a tealight. As the wax began to melt we were greeted with a lovely sweet smelling fragrance which although strong was not overpowering and did not make your eyes water or nose run like some candles can. We were expecting the melt to perhaps last as long as the tealight as it was about 2/3cm square but boy did it prove us wrong. On the third tealight the melt had begun to lose its colour and scent and it was time for it to be replaced. In all this little melt had lasted around 8 hours which in my opinion was excellent value for money considering the great fragrance which it maintained throughout.

For this burner and a set of 25 of the wax melts it cost £15.00 + postage. Vickie also sells the melts in sets of 12 for between £2.50 – £5.00 a set (between 0.21p and 0.42p a melt) which when compared to some of the branded makes is about 1/3 of the price (considering theirs state they last 8 hours which was about the same as our melt when we tested it).


Flutterby Nights use a combination of soy-wax and high quality paraffin wax (much different to the mass produced cheap smokey candles)  in their products and also creates a range of novelty and sundae glass styled candles all made by hand.

Vickie and her company Flutterby Nights is a great example of why you should by handmade this Christmas period. The products are made with love by a person who genuinely cares about her product and the happiness of her customers. Just in the way the item was presented and packaged showed excellent attention to detail and a genuine desire to please her customers. The product itself was excellent quality and much cheaper when comparing it to one of the leading candle brands. Why would you want to buy some plastic wrapped mass produced candle off the shelves when you can buy something so wonderful which has been made by hand?

Interested in buying your own candle or melts from Vickie? Her links can be found on my links page.


All the thoughts detailed above are my own. I am a genuine customer and consumer and I do not receive any form of compensation or remuneration from the company mentioned. All logos are copyright of Flutterby Nights with all product images being taken by myself.


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